Meet Carolina

Licensed Massage Therapist and Kambo Practitioner

Hi! My name is Carolina and I'm a 39 years old. 

 When I decided to become a licensed massage practitioner 5 years ago, I never imagined that the passion I have for  helping my clients feel better physically and emotionally with pain and tension would open the doors to me becoming a Kambo practitioner. Hearing my clients' stories, feeling their pain and knowing I wanted to do more to help them sparked my interest in offering additional therapeutic healthcare options. I didn't know Kambo was the answer until my husband's health began to suffer. After extensive research and experiencing Kambo myself, I knew I wanted to become a practitioner in this deeper level of unconventional healing method.

About 2 years ago I experienced something magical that opened the doors to a world that is unknown for many of us... It all started when my husband was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and was told that he would need to keep taking prescribed medicine for the rest of his life. At that moment, in our minds was what's been told to all of us that medical experts opinion was fact and couldn't be questioned. We simply accepted the diagnostic results and my husband would proceed to take 4 pills on a daily basis. The months went by and we really didn't see any improvement; instead it got worse. He started to experience every side effect that resulted from taking that prescribed medicine. That's when I started to question the doctors. 

After countless hours of research, I discovered everything there was to know about Kambo. I then spoke to real people who utilized kambo as an alternative treatment plan to help with addiction, cancer, anxiety and autoimmune disorders. Once we decided to embark on a kambo session personally, the vaccine of the jungle became a remarkable source of healing into our own lives. I fell in love with Kambo after seeing incredible improvement my husband's health and discovered areas of my own health that I didn't realize needed to be healed.  I was shocked that this unconventional method of treatment has been in the shadows for so long, because there are no side effects to Kambo's treatment plan. My husband has been without symptoms of ulcerative colitis and off prescriptions for 2 years now. His annual colonoscopies reveal that all sores have been healed. How would I not feel passion and gratitude for this type of unconventional healing? 

For this reason and many more, my mission is to educate the community about the benefits of kambo and to remove any fear or concern anyone may have about about choosing an alternative holistc healing method.  As a practicioner, it is my goal to be of service to the greater Cypress/Houston area and beyond.